Frequently Asked Questions

What time do Perth charters leave ?
Please arrive at 5am for a 5:30am departure
What about sea sickness ?

The Ocean can be rough and choppy at times. If you are concerned we recommend you visit the pharmacy for some seasick tablets
We have been advised it can be beneficial to take 2 the night before and again in the morning prior to leaving home.
They do not work once you are seasick.

Can I bring my own fishing gear ?

Yes, though everything is supplied, many people prefer to use their own equipment. use yours, ours or mix between them it is all about you.

Can I take my fish home ?

Yes, so long as they are legal size and within bag limits. We will gut and gill the fish and keep them on ice ready for you to take home. We also tag the fish so we know who caught what, and supply you with a bag to take the fish home. It is recommended you have an esky in the car

What is included ?
  • Fishing Rod tackle and bait.
  • Light breakfast of Fruit Muffins, Tea and coffee
  • Lunch
  • All Soft dinks and chilled water
What should I bring ?
  • A Jumper
  • Sunscreen & Hat
  • We are also BYO
  • Esky to take your fish home
What about luggage ?

Travel light. One bag per person is preferred to minimize clutter on board the boat. Common are a few changes of fishing clothes, clean clothes for the afternoon and night.

Airline charges for excess baggage can be steep and you’ll probably want to allow the excess to bring some fish home !

How do I get there ?

It is totally up to you how you meet us,

Perth –  meet the boat at Hillarys Boat Harbor there is plenty of parking available

Abrolhos Islands  – you can Drive, Fly, or you can make use of the Blue Juice Courtesy shuttle bus from HIllarys to Gerladton

Montebello Islands –  you can Drive or Fly.

Qantas have regular to Geraldton and Exmouth