Montebello Islands Fishing Trips

The Montebello Islands are one of the great remote fishing destinations in Australia, well known for some of the best blue water fishing in Western Australia, we still have some places available for the 2015 season, we will will get to that shortly for you. Firstly a big thank you to our guests and crew for another great start to the Islands season. The weather was a bit average this year, hopefully next year we will get back to some amazing glass off days.

Abrolhos Islands

As we wrap the Abrolhos Island fishing charter season, we should make mention of the some the amazing highlights. It is easy to brag about big boat catches, but the excitement of a customers personal best or great fish beats any boat bragging rights hands down.

corontaion trout 03

The stand out fish for the season would have to be the biggest Coronation Trout we have ever seen, I am yet to find anyone who has seen one bigger, we had to include a couple of photos here to really show the size, measuring in at a massive 81cm it would have to be among the greatest catches of all time for any angler. lists the maximum size at 83cm with a weight of 12kg’s. Now the Australian national record for the Coronation Trout is 5.24kg’s which means our happy camper had a big one, potentially a national champ, had we followed protocols for the recording, who’d have thought.

The largest Dhufish for the season caught by Travis (29/4) measured in at 101cm. The photo’s show you just how happy he was with that.

Some of the other notable mentions her include Tom’s 85cm Pinky and Rick Harris with a monster 80cm Spangled Emperor which put up a great fight.

While for the most part the fishing has been steady with the regular species a few Robinson Sea Bream this year along with Red Emperor. The Red Emperor are definitely getting bigger in size and numbers. hopefully in the years to come we will see these Emperors around in greater numbers. The  notable omission from the fish numbers in 2015 were the Baldchin groper, maybe something in the water or currents, whatever the reason they certainly were not as prolific as other years. The Spanish Mackerel turned it on early in the season along with some good size yellow fin tuna, as always they keep moving north as the season progresses chasing the warmer water currents, so they were light on in the later part.

The 2016 Abrolhos Island season dates have all been set so if you are thinking of a trip, time to lock it away, strike while you are thinking about it and you can tick off a great fishing experience with some amazing memories.  Contact Us


Montebello Islands

As we say farewell to the Abrolhos for another season, the anticipation of an amazing 4 months at the Montebello Islands has the crew filled with a new level of enthusiasm. A new location and sights will always do that.

The Montebello Islands are more than just a new location. The fishing is vastly different, the bottom fishing in the north western region is great. The Montebello Islands have long held the reputation of providing some of the states best blue water fishing.

With a new fishing area comes new fishing techniques, the Montebello Islands offer a great deal of world class sport fishing. Trolling up sail fish is something I love, the speed, lightening fast runs and aerial antics that these fish give electrifies any angler on the end of the rod.

Sail fish tend to hunt in schools, so the sight of more sails chasing in the teasers and other lures after a hook up is truly amazing. The crystal clear waters of the Islands make it easy to see the large black shadows of the sails within a couple of meters at the back of the boat. Lurking for the bait fish(teasers) to return. Drop in a full size switch bait, what happens next is like watching man walk on the moon for the first time. The large black shadows light up with electric blues as they swipe and take the bait. The grace and speed at which this all happens makes you appreciate the complexity of the sail fish.

This is where most most switch baiters miss the hook up. The poor angler on the end of the rod, itching to drop the bail arm and strike, has to wait, what feels like an eternity as the sail takes the run. 5 seconds later the action begins.

Have seen many anglers converted to sport fishing fanatics after catching a sail or small marlin.

The Montebello Island fishing charter season is shaping up to be a good one. Long range weather forecasts are for favourable conditions. The “El Nino” weather pattern continues to rise on the eastern side of the country. El Nino is normally associated with warmer conditions and lighter winds. The Indian ocean indicators are at present pretty neutral, though it is expected that this will rise as we head towards summer.

The fishing in the north of the state over the last couple of months has been better than last year. Rankin cod, one of the better if not the best northern cod species to dine on are everywhere, not that any one is complaining. Other species are also abundant and the fishing in general has been better for the angler than the previous year,loads of Sailfish and Marlin, they its as if they are growing in numbers or are we just getting better at what we do.

The Montebello Islands are a must do trip for any angler if the time permits. We have a number of places available for the remaining season, give us a call at the office, or flick through the website and we hope you can join us.

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